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Actress Shriya Saran Stills 309

Actress Shreya Saran

Tamanna with mobile phone

Tamanna Bhatia image
Tamanna, originally uploaded by Saradaga.com.

Namitha Kapoor latest photos 9

Namitha Kapoor latest photo from Kollywood film
Namitha, originally uploaded by Saradaga.com.

Namitha Kapoor latest photos 8

Namitha trying her hand in cooking
NAmitha, originally uploaded by Saradaga.com.

Actress Hamsa Nandini

Hamsa Nandini image
Hamsa Nandini, originally uploaded by Saradaga.com.

Namitha Kapoor latest photos 7

Actress Namitha Kapoor latest photos
namitha Hot, originally uploaded by Rajeev1984.

Namitha Kapoor latest photos 6

Namitha Kapoor latest photos 6

Ruthika in blue swimsuit

Ruthika in blue swimsuit

Namitha Kapoor latest photos 5

Namitha Kapoor latest photos 5
namita in blouse, originally uploaded by Rajeev1984.

Actress Bhuvaneswari posing for photo shoot

 Bhuvaneswari photo
bhuvaneswari, originally uploaded by Rajeev1984.

Kausha stretching out

Actress Kausha photo
kausha, originally uploaded by Rajeev1984.

Hot car wash... Namitha

Namitha trying a car wash, still from Tamil movie

Namitha Kapoor latest photos 1

Namitha Kapoor latest photo from Tamil film

Video: Philippines prisoners perform Michael Jackson dance tribute

The global hit on YouTube, 26,835,028 views till posting here, shows 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines, wearing saffron prison uniforms performing their own version of one of Michael Jackson's most famous hit Thriller.

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Video: Kites Star Barbara Mori Intro

You may know that the sexy, 31-year-old Mexican bombshell, model and actress, Barbara Mori will be making her Bollywood debut opposite Hrithik Roshan in the Bollywood movie Kites. Now watch a video introduction of Barbara Mori, whose on-screen and off-screen romance with Hrithik has been subject of much of gossip in glossies. Some claim that it is a publicity stunt initiated by the Roshans before the release of the film, so that it draws in more box office moolah. Others say, there is something real between the two, as Sussane Roshan's row and the couple's shifting residence away from Papa Rakesh Roshan indicate! After all, there cannot be smoke without fire! Whatya say?

Katrina Kaif & John Abraham in the movie New York

Katrina Kaif & John Abraham in the movie New York, wallpapers

Dipannita Ghosh Hot Pics


Dipannita Ghosh Hot Pics

Priyanka Kothari for AGYAAT Movie

Agyaat Ram Gopal Varma Nitin Praianka Kothari Gallery Images Stills

Kareena Kapoor in the movie Kambakkht Ishq

Kareena Kapoor Kambakkht Ishq Hot Photoshoot

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Michael Jackson, 50, passed away

As per various news reports, on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson collapsed at a rented home in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles. Attempts at resuscitating him by his personal physician were unsuccessful. Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics received a 911 call at 12:21 pm (PDT), and arrived nine minutes later at Jackson's home.

Jackson was reportedly not breathing and CPR was performed. Resuscitation efforts continued both en route to the UCLA Medical Center and for an hour further after arriving at approximately 1:14 pm (20:14 UTC). He was noted to have already been in cardiac arrest by the paramedics who attended his house. Jackson was pronounced dead at about 2:26 pm local time (21:26 UTC).

Michael Jackson: THE LEGEND EVER

Michael Jackson (1958-2009) is widely credited with revolutionizing pop music with albums including Thriller, Bad and Dangerous. While lauded by fans and critics for his infectious pop songs, pioneering dance moves and innovative videos, his increasingly eccentric behavior earned him the nickname "Wacko Jacko".

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop

Michael Jackson photo
michael_jackson, originally uploaded by four9er.

In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson

In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson

In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson, the world's most famous and controversial pop star, who died at the age of 50 after suffering a cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home, people gathered near embassy of the United States of America in Moscow. Michael Jackson. Shown above is an artwork by Stephen B Whatley, a special tribute to the King Of Pop.

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Priyanka Chopra at IIFA Awards 2009

Riya Sen - Bareback Mountain

Zarin - Waiting for long

Photo- Zarin
zarin, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Yasmin - Is it hot or cold?

Yasmin image
yasmin, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Veena - Peaks And Valley

Veena - photo
veena, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Vaidehi shows depth

photo of Vaidehi
vaidehi, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Tanuja - Squat for fitness

Actress Tanuja photo
tanuja, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Ramya - Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Ramya photo
Ramya, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

RAVALI - Is it enough?

RAVALI Cleavage photo
RAVALI, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Ragasiya - The Hidden Secret Down Under

Ragasiya bikini photo
Ragasiya, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Priya - Battle Of The Bulge

Priya photos
priya, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Neetu Chandra shows her best pose

Neetu Chandra nipple slip
Neetu-Chandra, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Bhairavi Goswamy goes strapless

Bhairavi Goswamy photo
Bhairavi Goswamy, originally uploaded by hotdesigirls.

Tamil film actress Bhanu

Monday, June 22, 2009

Priyanka Chopra Receives Jin Jue Award at Shanghai International Film Festival

Priyanka Chopra photo

As HT CITY reports (CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO READ THE REPORT), “Ashutosh Gowarikar may have his views about Priyanka Chopra’s acting prowess but the world seems to be at her feet like never before”. The actress, who writes a column for HT City, and has a huge fan-following, yesterday became the first ever Bollywood personality to be awarded the TOP HONOUR, the prestigious Jin Jue Award, for her outstanding work, at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

An International Jury comprising seven famous professionals from the world film industry decides the award. Although Priyanka had to cancel plans to personally collect the award at the last minute, she was ecstatic at having been chosen for the honor and said, “I feel very privileged... As an actor, it is very encouraging to be recognized for your work. For me, an award such as this on such a big international platform gives me an opportunity to present India and our cinema to the world.”

It had been a great year for her. This award is the tenth for her in the past six months, the most recent one being the Best Actress trophy at the IIFA 2009. Priyanka said she was “sorely disappointed at not being able to go as she had made a commitment.”

This year The Shanghai International Film Festival was attended by the likes of Ewan McGregor, Isabelle Hupert, Quincy Jones, Stephen Daldry, Michael Rosenberg and Lucelia Santos.

Ashutosh Gowarikar made some controversial remarks about Priyanka Chopra at this year's International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) in Macau, China, as most of her fans and movie enthusiasts may recollect. He said, "Priyanka I love you, but I don't know how you got the award for Best Actress when Aishwarya was also nominated in the same category for Jodhaa Akbar." He then added, "Maybe it is because you are very hard-working and she is a natural..."

While Priyanka herself seems to have not taken his comments seriously, as I find from various forums, her fans, well wishers and many right thinking people did not appreciate Ashutosh Gowarikar’s comments. It is interesting to note that Priyanka and Gowarikar are currently working together on their upcoming film "What's your Rashee?"

Indian actress Daisy Bopanna

Daisy Bopanna
Daisy Bopanna, originally uploaded by pure magic.

Daisy Bopanna showing her navel

Desi babe Nargis Bagheri

Desi babe Nargis Bagheri

Nargis Bagheri, Daisy Bopanna & Neetu Chandra

Nargis Bagheri

Daisy Bopanna


Actress Smiley Suri Pics

Actress Smiley Suri Pics

Actress Smiley Suri

Actress Smiley Suri