Saturday, August 14, 2010

A sunbather's bizarre experience

A dog urinates on the face of a sleeping sunbather
sunbather, originally uploaded by Leeber.

I found this photo by chance on the photo-sharing site Flickr. It is one of the rarest of the rare photos that made me laugh, think, and feel pity for the girl who chose to sunbathe and fall asleep in a lonely place, seemingly a lawn or park, not frequented by people. See what the dog is doing!

Male dogs generally urinate on pillars or walls, or anything that is a bit raised from the ground. They are genetically engineered to do so! So the dog too could not find anything nearby when the urge to unload its bladder struck it! POOR GIRL!

The person who uploaded this photo wrote below the photo: "OGH MY GOD! - somebody give that girl a shout". The photographer is a real genius! He did not lose a moment to click the scene! I think, it can be the first and last chance for him to click a bizarre photo like this!

But don't you think it would have been more humane to do something to save the girl from such a bizarre experience?

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