Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rachana Maurya

Rachana Maurya
Rachana Maurya, originally uploaded by sreenivasp.

Rachana Maurya, the beautiful dame, did item numbers like Didar De and Aashiq Banaya remix with Himesh Reshmiya. She is one of the hottest and talented new babes to be noted in tinsel town. No wonder, Rachana Maurya is also the hot chick in “saari saari raat jagaye…” in Iqrrar By Chance.

As it happens with established celebrity women, while shooting for an album, the hot babe had to face a wardrobe malfunction. “Well I had to tackle the problem. So I continued shooting in my bra!” she said and added, “I know it was a situation where we would not have had much choice except wind up the shoot. And I did not want such a thing to happen. Hence, I shot the video in my bra. The video is aesthetic and not a wee bit vulgar.”

However, her wardrobe malfunction did not create much of noise as it happened with Janet Jackson or others from Hollywood. Maybe shooting in bra is not a big deal when today’s films and videos are full of much skimpy outfits that are not even talked about.

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