Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Did Akshay's song embarass Shilpa Shetty?

Her celebrated film Dhadkan was one of the films that brought a huge fan following to Shilpa. That must have prompted the members of the brass band to play one of the hit songs from the film. But they were shocked when some people attending the marriage-related ceremony ran towards the band on hearing the song and instructed them to stop playing the song immediately. They were warned not to play any Akshay Kumar's song. The band looked dejected following the interruption. Of course, they made sure that the songs they performed thereafter were totally without Akshay. Forget it Shilpa, everyone may have such a past! But anyway, the band, being paid for playing in the auspicious ceremony, should not have selected any song that reminds her or Raj about her past filmy romantic moments! They should have at least thought of what would have gone on in Shilpa’s mind when her people heard an old song that reminds of her past. It is a lesson for every celebrity who may plan a wedding and call a band to play music. Never call a band that reminds you of your past! Plus, give them an elaborate list of songs that should be played and still a larger list of songs and other entertainment items that should never be played or mentioned, including the names of the people whose names are a strict “no” in such occasions!

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