Sunday, November 8, 2009

The little great actor

photo of Ajay Kumar, aka Undapakru
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The comedy actor Ajay Kumar, popularly known as Unda Pakru or Guinness Pakru, is the little great actor who has the rare distinction of being honoured as the shortest actor (64.008 cm height or approximately 2 feet 10 inches) leading an adult role in a commercial film for his performance in Athbhutha Dweep (Wonder Island) by the Guinness Book of Records (2008 edition). The movie is about a mysterious island where all the men are dwarfs and all the women are of normal height. Besides, he has also bagged the special Kerala State Award and a Tamil Nadu state award for his performance in the film ‘Dishyum' in 2006.

The film Athbhutha Dweepu, directed by Vinayan and starring Undapakru as the dwarf prince Gajendra of the Vamanapuri Kingdom on a fantasy island, is about the story of men who were cursed to be dwarfs and whose women were of normal height. Around 300 dwarfs acted in that film, apart from popular Malayalam actors including Prithviraj Sukumaran.

Ajay Kumar (Undapakru) started his career as a mimicry artist, then entered films with the 1994 children's film Ambili Ammavan (The moon), and continued by performing full-fledged character roles. He is very popular in television serials and other TV events. Hailing from Aymanam (in Kerala, India), he is a university graduate (BA Economics) and has diploma in computer science. He married Gayatri Mohan (152.4 cm/ 5 feet height) in March 2006.

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