Sunday, March 29, 2009

Freida Pinto #4 in the list of Hollywood's sexiest women

View some hot images of the Hollywood beauty Freida Pinto in her latest reincarnation as a bikini babe in this video!

Recently, the Slumdog Millionaire actress Pinto was described as one of the best dressed women by To top it all Pinto made it to’s 10 best Oscar dresses.

For magazine covers she had a new red-hot look. For Vogue, she was a vintage siren, she was super hot in a mini dress for Cosmopolitan and she was a pinup girl for Vanity Fair.

The sultry Freida Pinto has come at #4 in the list of Hollywood's sexiest women, in the online poll conducted by men’s magazine, Details. Now she joins a bevy of sexiest Hollywood beauties according to the poll.

Who were the other 4 beauties? At #1 position is the FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston, at #2 the TRANSFORMERS star Megan Fox, at #3 the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who is the highest paid and the richest model in the world and to fill the list, the American actress, model and TV star Kim Kardashian is at #5.

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