Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My favorite high fashion eyeglasses

high fashion eyeglasses #1
high fashion eyeglasses #2
high fashion eyeglasses #3

In today’s times of recession, what Greg Karp says about How You Can Start Spending Smart has to be taken seriously. Karp, the author of ‘Living Rich by Spending Smart’, was interviewed by CBN News in May 2009, when he emphasized on spending less and stopping wastage of money so that you can live rich. For instance, an HDMI cord for an HDTV can usually cost $75, but he bought it online for an unbelievable low price of $2.81. Interestingly Karp was wearing a very trendy pair of glasses of his prescription from ZenniOptical.com when CBN News interviewed him. The glasses cost him $8 plus shipping compared to $300 for his other glasses that he bought before knowing about Zenni.

I have been wearing prescription glasses for about the last ten years or so. I used to buy them from my optometrist, about $250 every time I bought new glasses. And I used to buy new pairs of glasses every time the fashion or trend changed. Additionally, I used to keep additional pairs for special occasions and also matching my outfits. So, it cost a lot of money on eyeglasses, which now I feel, was a sheer wastage of money, compared to the trendy glasses from Zenni, starting from $ 8 Rx eyeglasses, and costing a bit more if I wanted glasses made of much costlier materials.

Considering the highly affordable prices, new introductions of Zenni optical glasses to match the changing fashion trends, my choicest colors, styling, etc., my favorite high fashion eyeglasses are Zenni. Apart from Greg Karp’s interview CBN News tells about spending less while purchasing trendy things the most important thing about Zenni glasses is that they perfectly fit, retain their shape and it is a pleasure to wear them.

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