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Quick Gun Murugun - misadventures of an Indian cowboy

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Quick Gun Murugan (QGM), the dosa-idli-sambar loving pure vegan Indian cowboy, out there fighting baddies of possible multinationals trying to spread non-vegetarianism, is a sincere South Indian crusader against the cunning plans of arch rival and villain Rice Plate Reddy of the McDosa’s (a take on chains like McDonalds, Kentucky Chicken, etc., I presume) chain is the non-vegetarian, evil archenemy. Rowdy MBA (Raju Sundaram) is the gun-totting corporate henchman.

Quick Gun Murugan’s mantle is on Rajendra Prasad, the very popular comedy actor in the decades of eighties and nineties starting from Vamsy's Ladies Tailor (1985), who has more than 200 Telugu movies and few Tamil movies under his belt, before it is reshaped for Quick Gun Murugan’s heroics.

Now in theaters, Quick Gun Murugan, directed by Shashanka Ghosh, produced by Phat Phish Motion Pictures ad written by Rajesh Devraj, features also stars of the of like of Sandhya Mridul, Nassar, Raju Sundaram (as Rowdy MBA), Ranvir Shorey, Vinay Pathak (as Chitragupta), Ashwin Mushran (Dr. Django), Rambha, Shanmugha Rajan (Gun Powder) and Anu Menon. The music is by Sagar Desai and Raghu Dixit, cinematography by R. A. Krishna, and distributed by Fox Star Pictures.

The film, a western spoof with attitude features wacky songs, high-octane melodrama and funny action sequences. It is based on a character originally developed at the time of the launch of the music network Channel [V] in 1994. The character popularized phrases like 'Mind it' and 'We are like this only'.

Quick Gun Murugan has been exhibited at the London Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, the New York Asian Film Festival and in The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Quick Gun Murugun’s duty is to protect the world against the restaurant owner, Rice Plate Reddy (Nassar), who wants to create the ultimate non-vegetarian dosa! The movie revolves around adventures of QGM along with his love to-be Mango Dolly (Rambha) and Locket Girl (Anu Menon aka Anuradha Menon who popularized Lola Kutty). QGM’s battles span from a small South Indian village, and then to Mumbai, spanning across 25 years.

This low-budget amateurish movie has the potential to become a cult film as it is liked by the young brigade of audience, particularly. The spoof Sambar Western (Rajendra Prasad; Quick Gun forever) is all for vegetarianism. He wants to save cows as they can be used as fillings for the nonveg dosa by Rice Plate Reddy. If you are looking for pure entertainment, you should not miss Quick Gun Murugan.

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