Friday, April 2, 2010

GruruSwamiG blasts Nithyananda's fradulent resignation!

Watch this video! Is Nithyananda still entitled to wear saffron and call himself Paramahansa or sansyasi? In his announcement of resignation from his trusts, he did not deny the truth about the sex videos. He did not admit them either! His wealth, estimated running into hundreds of crores of rupees is made in a period of ten years, as he was a junior in the Ramakrishna Mission order before he started of his own, and it is a fact he hides in his writings, website, etc. The wealth he amazed is in his own personal name, as per reports, not in the names of the trusts. And who are the trustees? No names! His Ashrams are deserted with only a few guards and a couple of staff to report to the authorities, because cases are going on! Where is he? Haridwar? Reports say he is there attending Kumbh Mela!

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