Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mani Ratnam to retain Ranjitha's scenes in Raavan

Tamil actress Ranjitha's photo
Ranjitha, originally uploaded by temppics2009.

Though Mani Ratnam was worried about the sex-scandal hit Tamil actress Ranjitha, who went underground after tapes of her with Swami Nithyananda who is now behind bars were aired by TV channels, because she plays Vikram's sister-in-law in the Tamil version of the movie Raavan, it seems now the director has decided to go with Ranjitha’s scenes.

Earlier there were rumours that Ranjitha, who was dragged into a scandal with spiritual and mystic guru Swami Nityananda in a sex video tape aired by Sun TV on March 2, has been removed from the mega movie Raavan. After the controversy hit headlines, Ranjitha went underground and Mani Ratnam was left with the dilemma of either re-shooting her portions with another actress or going ahead with Ranjitha. However, scenes with Ranjitha will be retained by Mani Ratnam, and it is going to be another highly rated publicity, business promotion and marketing tool for the much awaited movie.

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