Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paris Hilton & Tinkerbell in Reliance Mobile’s mobile game

Paris Hilton, the American socialite, occasional actress, model, singer, author, television personality, activist, businesswoman and hotel heiress, is quite often described as “famous for being famous”. Well don’t worry about the list of her professions or careers, if you take a little time of your busy schedule, you can find a dozen more about her professions.

Anyway, it will be quite happy news for mobile users and games enthusiasts in India because Anil Ambani’s Reliance Mobile is launching a new mobile game based on Paris Hilton in the Indian market in collaboration with Gameloft, if the buzz going on the Internet is to be believed. Diamond Quest is the earlier one that featured Hilton.

Apart from Hilton, her female accessory dog Chihuahua named Tinkerbell will also feature in the game, it is expected. Anything without Tinkerbell cannot be complete in the stories about Paris Hilton. She used to carry Tinkerbell to all the social occasions and functions she attended. She carried Tinkerbell in all the five seasons of the TV reality show The Simple Life.

Though by birth she is famous as one of the heirs of Hilton Hotels, there are many people who argue that Tinkerbell made her more famous. The pocket-sized pet dog herself is a celebrity female, as it captured news headlines sometimes as much as Paris Hilton. For the knowledge of the uninitiated, in 2004 Tinkerbell authored a memoir, “The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries’.

In 2004 Tinkerbell was missing in the aftermath of a burglary at Hilton's apartment. Immediately Paris Hilton announced a reward of US$5,000 to anyone that helped Tinkerbell’s return home. The dog was found six days later. And Tinkerbell was regularly spotted again with Paris Hilton at various events.

As you know Paris Hilton is one of the American celebrities whose photos can be seen the most in photo sharing sites and in sites for wallpapers and celebrity photos and videos. Interestingly, Tinkerbell is seen in most of her interesting photos.

Hilton had appearances of bits and pieces in some Hollywood movies, the most noted one being in The House of Wax. She is also known for Hilton Records, Paris Hilton Perfumes and many more profitable ventures, apart from her much reported leaked tapes, sightings on beaches, etc., but she has the additional advantage of making pets more fashionable and promoting pet apparels and accessories. She is also associated with many charities and goodwill initiatives.

Whatever one may write about Haris Pilton, all ventures she was associated with were quite successful. So, the Reliance Mobiles mobile game being introduced in India is going to be quite popular and a great success, more so as Tinkerbell is likely to star in the game. Read for more stories on Paris and Tinkerbell in A happy ending for Tinkerbell (CLICK on the link) from USA Today.

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