Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top 10 reasons why I secure my home

The first time I thought about home security seriously is a few years back while living in a rented accommodation. We had just moved in there and did not know much about the area. But the ever watchful burglars had an eye on us and broke in the outer room during the night and escaped with only some clothes, as I was still awake in another room. However, that incident made me secure my home for the first time.

I do not keep much of cash at home, but my investments in stocks, credit cards, and some jewelry kept at home can be easy targets for burglars. This fact weighed heavily in favor of installing a home security system.

Electronic and electric equipments at my home, for lifestyle and professional needs, can trigger of electrical short circuits and fire. A home security system can monitor such emergencies in real time and avoid losses.

A senior citizen in my neighborhood was seriously injured by intruders and there was no security system in his home to alert the police and the hospital. Even healthy young people are attacked by intruders and only proper security systems can deter them.

I, with my family, keep visiting friends and extended families quite often keeping our home locked for weeks. So, when we are away a reliable security system like ADT can protect my home from possible intruders and other emergencies.

In working families like mine, the home is locked most of the times. So, I need continuous security monitoring that ADT can provide with their five monitoring centers, powerful equipments and trained professionals. If one of their monitoring centers loses connection another one picks up my home monitoring. Home security tips from ADT has helped me a lot in organizing my security systems.

Recession has boosted the profession of criminals, as the increasing crimes reported every day. Even if I am at home I may not be a match to well-armed intruders. It is yet another reason why home security is very important.

During national festivals, and personal ones like birth days and anniversaries, with all the people enjoying, fireworks and decors can set of fire; security systems and fire and smoke sensors can really avoid losses.

There are quite a few senior citizens in my neighborhood, some very rich and living alone. Criminals target such areas. If they do not find easy targets, they can target my home too, if I do not have a home security system.

My area is also the home to some of the richest people with the least worries about security, and attracting intruders. This is another reason why my home too can be targeted and I need some of the best home security systems.

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