Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day - Bipasha Basu promotes love

Bipasha Basu is seen here posing with a heart-shaped balloon at Gili’s ‘Season of Love’ event in Mumbai.

Bipasha Basu, while on another promotional activity, had to face accusations of starry tantrums, breach of contract, abusive behaviour, harassment, and what not in Delhi recently. Bipasha and Shemaroo say that she was being coerced into being part of the hotel chairman’s birthday celebrations, though the chairman of the hotel denies this. Her PR team says, “Initially, Bipasha was supposed to release the DVD in Delhi on February 4 and in Mumbai on February 5, but since John had time on the fourth, they launched the DVD in Mumbai first.”

In another tidbit, we have John Abraham making you smile, in his preparations for Valentine Day when John was queried about his plan, ‘Dumbbells’ as a plan for Valentine gift to Bipasha Basu. Anyway the couple proved a successful pair in a seven year relationship.

Now here is what the beautiful Bong actress has for her Valentine’s Day celebrations: she is launching a month long festival of love in Bombay, sorry Mumbai. Who knows whether she may have to apologize for the ‘act’ that can be interpreted as against ‘Indian culture’ notwithstanding the thousand year-old sculptures in Khajuraho and even our own Maharashtra that celebrates love in real flesh and blood form, though sculpted in stone and painted on the walls of caves like Ajanta and Ellolra. After all you have to have a sharp memory to remember that when Bada Paav was young Valentine’s Day was unheard of in his circles, and while he is making the throne ready for Chhota Paav, and Bhaji Paav is trying to prove that he is the real heir. For that something has to be done; whether it is making Karan apologize or stalling Shah Rukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan. However, SRK owes a big THANKS to Bada Paav because, My Name Is Khan’s publicity has been done for FREE for him, and he can expect it to be the biggest hit of his career.

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