Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ranjitha only massaged Swami Nityananda

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Copy of ranjitha, originally uploaded by vtelkikar.

Tamil film actress Ranjitha, who was allegedly in a compromising position with Swami Nithyananda in videos and TV reports, has finally now talked to the press, according to sources. She said she had known the godman for quite some time and she is grateful to him for curing her wheezing trouble in just a day.

About her relationship with the godman she said, "I am a devotee of Nityananda and used to offer my services like 'feeding' and 'massaging' to him… The media has unnecessarily blown the issue out of proportion. I know Swamiji for the past few years and my association with him is quite transparent."

A March 25, 2010 report from Chennai said that a doubtful video appearance of Nithyananda and Yuvarani in action which is not being broadcast on Television due to an appeal filed by Advocate and K N Subba Reddy earlier in the Karnataka High court. Yuvarani has denied the allegations about her involvement in a sex scandal video tape with Nithyananda.

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