Monday, March 29, 2010

Video: Swami Nithyananda Scandal

The controversial videos on the alleged sex scandals surrounding Swami Nityananda were shot by Lenin Karuppan, who is born a Christian and a driver but became a disciple of the swami in 2004 and took sanyas and changed his name to Swami Dharmananda, some web sites reported.

But now, Swami Lenis Karuppan Dharmananda has owned up the responsibility of recording the Indian celestial spirit-ual guru’s sex-ual Raas Leela with Ranjitha, and Lenis had lodged a complaint against him in “Chennai accusing him of rape, unnatural sex, cheating and intimidation”, reported

Following the server-breaking popularity of the swami’s new Avatar, more of his hitherto unknown spiritual power exercise videos on Ranjitha, Yuvarani, Devayani and some unidentified women have exploded on the internet. Strangely, all the involved women claim to be heroines of Tamil cinema!

It is ridiculous, as Tamil cinema is one of the best film industries in the world that has been made world famous by such great stars such as M G Ramachandran, Shivaji Ganeshan, Gemini Ganeshan, Kamal Haasan, Rajani Kant, several other talented actors and actresses and the new crop of young and talented actors and actresses, apart from the multiple International awards winner A R Rahman and many talented directors and technicians. So, the fans of Tamil cinema should not allow its name to be dragged in to any sex controversy.

As usual, YouTube is the main battle field where the Dharma Yudha war is being fought. Now, in the comments under many videos, the focus has shifted from Swami Nityananda to the weakness of Hinduism that ‘feeds fake godmen’. So the battle has been shifted from several of his private bedrooms to the garbage dumps of internet and YouTube, and Indian spirituality, Hinduism etc. are under attack.

The godman who has been catapulted to skyrocketing popularity, thanks to his ex-crony, has allegedly contacted Lenis Karuppan and offered him a big jump in hierarchy as a mini godman (in-charge) of one of the 33 branches of his organization Dhyanapeetham, it is reported. But he may decline the offer as his life seems to be under threat. The swami wants him back in his fold and… and Swami Nithyananda’s opponents want him to stay by his original stand! Poor fellow! To which camp will he shift? Wherever he shifts, threat from one of the camps cannot be avoided!

“During the conversation, Karuppan is understood to have told Nityananda that he was his sincere and dedicated disciple. However, he was hurt, as Nityananda ignored him and slept around with women. As Karuppan was apprehensive of being attacked, he had sought protection from the swami, which Nityananda agreed to in his letter,” the web site reports, whatever it is!

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