Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ramcharan Teja in Magadheera

Photo of Ramcharan Teja in Magadheera
Charan2, originally uploaded by vebtoday9.

The theme of the Telugu movie is based on rebirth or reincarnation, revenge, love and related things in life, past or present. The story of the film dates back to 16th century in which Kalabharaiva (Ram Charan Teja), a warrior general and queen Mitra (Kajal Aggarwal) are in love. The villain Randev (Devgill), one of Mitra’s relatives, lusts for her and with his evil plans he separates the lovers. Unexpectedly, the lover dies and the historic part ends there. The story re-starts in the present times with Harsha (Ram Charan Teja), an avid biker leading a happy life. Harsha meets Indu (Kajal) and he feels there is some link between them. Again, Randev, reborn as Indu’s relative, tries to worsen the situation.

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