Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saranya Mohan, the girl next door

Saranya Mohan wallpaper
Saranya Mohan, originally uploaded by sureshmalcom.

“I will accept roles only where my character is well-etched. My well-defined character in Eeram should speak a lot for me”, said Saranya Mohan on the eve of release of her film Eeram. Saranya is currently busy with her Malayalam film ‘Chemistry’ that stars a bunch of new talents and it is expected that the project will further boost the acting career of this highly talented young actress.

Sharanya is well known with her current image of the girl next door, and she loves it too. She is quite choosy about picking her films and she gives more importance to storyline with substance, roles that can create a lasting impression in the minds of her audience. She is not after glamour, as she said. After Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu, Saranya is reportedly flooded with offers, but she is looking only for sensible scripts suiting her talent and without glamour. Once Saranya signs a film with a good script and suiting her image, she goes deep into the character and gives her hundred percent to make that character meaningful and that makes her films successful. She is a very dedicated performer, adding to her natural beauty and acting talents.

She was quite young when she portrayed the lovelorn girl who was chasing Dhanush in Yaaradi Nee Mohini, and she is still pursuing her studies. She is quite appreciative of the support and encouragement of her co-star Dhanush, and she credits her success as because of his encouragement. Miles to go for this young talent in the film industry and her fans are fully supportive of her dedication and talents. We can expect a lot more good films from this young talent in the coming years.

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