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South Indian Actress Chaya Singh

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Recently actress Chaya Singh has lashed out at irresponsible gossip mongers spreading rumours of her plan for marriage with a Hyderabad-based businessman saying she is so busy with her film assignments and reality show that she can not think about settling down in marriage.

'I'm surprised how the media got to know about my marriage, when I'm not even thinking about it. I'm too busy to think about marriage. I have loads of work to do,' Chaya, who is also judging a reality show on the Zee TV, told IANS.

Chaya came to know about her marriage rumours when her journalist friends called to congratulate her, after rumours appeared on some websites. For two to three days, she was flooded with calls and she kept denying the news, she said.

Currently Chaya Singh, who just finished working in a Malayalam film, has to finish her Tamil film 'Anthapuraththu Veedu', and she has signed a few Bengali films and also she is talking to some Bengali producers for new offers, she told the news agency. If she decides to get married, she will go with her parents' decision, she said. Chaya also wanted to direct a film called 'Gandhi Bazaar', but has now given up her plans as she cannot find a producer, because of recession, she says.

Once, in an interview with TNN in October 2006, Chaya said that she was not bothered about her screen image, whether she is being seen at the right places or making the right moves. Her only concern was doing good projects, she said. For example in the Kannada film Akasha Gange she played a young unwed mother, very different from the nice girl image she had sported till then in Kannada films.

Just when Chaya Singh was going great guns in Kannada film industry, she decided to make a foray into Tamil films. And she chose to sizzle without restraint in the hot number, Manmatha Rasa, in her debut film Thiruda Thirudi (2003). The lyrics were hot and the song went on to become a huge rage with the audience. But that popularity only led to her doing item numbers with Vikram and Vijay.

Chaya Singh stepped into Tamil cinema unexpectedly with a meaty role in Thiruda Thirudi, a big budget Tamil film directed by debutant Subramaniam Siva, starring Dhanush, Manicka Vinayagam, Ginja, Illavarasu, etc. The soundtrack was composed by Dhina, which was a great hit and the song, Manmatha Rasa, topped the charts for 15 weeks running. According to Chaya she hardly expected the song to be such a huge hit. But there it was, blaring all over Tamil Nadu. People started addressing her either by the character's name or ‘Manmada rani’. The film, a runaway success, was later remade in Telugu as Donga Dongadi with Manoj and Sadha in the lead roles.

After Thiruda Thirudi, Chaya Singh acted in the Tamil movie Solli Adippaen (2008) directed by S. A. C. Ramki and a Telugu movie Tirupachi. Solli Adippaen had comedian Vivek as the hero. According to her, she is rather choosy and not comfortable doing regular heroine roles. If you look at Thiruda Thirudi you will find that her role was not of regular heroine stuff. She wants to do characters that make a difference to the story, something that she will be remembered for.

Chaya Singh, who was born in Bangalore to parents from Uttar Pradesh, and had her schooling at Lourdes School, Bangalore, had acted in Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam films and she does not feel language is a barrier for her. And she does not find anything wrong in doing dance numbers or item numbers like the ones in Arul (2004). She feels it is always good to work with good actors and directors, and, if the song is good enough she might just end up doing more item numbers.

Chaya Singh does not feel it matters at all whether anyone is good looking or not for success in films. If looks had been everything, then Johnny Lever would never have made it to be a successful comedian in Bollywood, and actor Dhanush is not conventionally good looking either, she said in an interview with TNN.

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