Friday, April 10, 2009

Aishwarya Rai or Sneha Ullal?

Sneha Ullal
sneha-ullal-08, originally uploaded by Velpula K.C.

Who is this beautiful lady? Well, she was not named in the post on Flickr from where I picked up this shot. Could she be Aishwarya Rai or Sneha Ullal, or any other woman?

Do you recognize her for sure? I would like to know, at least for the future, so that I do not commit a blunder while posting photos direct from photo-sharing sites such as Flickr,, and video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

I have heard some time ago that for every person alive now, there can be nine others who can look similar to him or her. That is what you call a look-alike, impersonator, as a photo-blogger Arianna called herself, while claiming to be a Marilyn Monroe look-alike or Marilyn Monroe impersonator. I posted her photo in this blog sometime ago. Click here to view the look-alike Marilyn Monroe.

Here is yet another attempt to pose as the legendary actress Monroe. In the 2008 Spring Fashion edition of New York, Lindsay Lohan re-created Marilyn Monroe's final photo shoot, known as the Last Sitting. To view the photos of Lindsay Lohan's Marilyn Monroe click here.

Also at the time of invasion of Iraq by the US and allied forces in 2003, and when Saddam Hussein escaped from his palace in Baghdad, there had been rumors circulating that Hussein had an array of look-alikes, who looked so real that even Iraqis could not tell who was the real Saddam Hussein and who the duplicates were (he was captured by the U.S. forces on 13 December 2003).

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