Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shortcodes for successful mobile marketing

Can you spot someone worth the name, from students to senior citizens, from slumdog to millionaire, from street urchins to sweet, smart celebrities, who do not sport a cellphone? Perhaps, no! In fact cellphones, right from they were introduced, have become a part of people’s personal lives! Now, there are people who cannot think of living even a day without cellphones. And what do they do with cell phones, or mobile phones? Just talking to their dear ones only? Not really!

They use it for all purposes, right from text messaging, receiving personal alerts, participating in polls and surveys, contests, gaming, receiving offers and announcements about their favorite brands, events, ad-campaigns, watching videos and TV, listening to music, photography and videography, and many more! Now internet is turning to mobile phones and websites are specially designed for internet. Search Engine giants like Google and Yahoo! are adapting their technologies to suit mobile phones.

And interestingly, mobile phones are the cheapest for the user, for advertisers, sellers, buyers, and everyone. It is the most versatile and easy-to-carry. And for those who market through mobile phones, it gives instant buyer-response, as mobile phone is an interactive media that is scam-free and spam-free!

In fact, in human history, no gadget or technology has evolved so fast and penetrated rapidly among all people. To top it all, the young generation is the newest un-appointed brand ambassadors of cell phones. Advertising experts are targeting all their strategies on to the young, as they are the most consumerist and top-buying sector!

Won’t you like to be part of this mobile marketing gang? Well, you like to! It is not like sending a personal SMS or text message! You need a big bank of leads generated through customer interaction, develop campaigns, and monitor the results, use tools and software, etc. There are leaders in this technology who offer the best of mobile marketing solutions at the most affordable prices. One such company that leads the pack is Cellit Mobile Marketing.

You must have used shortcodes many times while voting your favorite star on American Idol or other shows, (I.E. on American Idol, text vote to 55555, Deal or No Deal Lucky Case Game, etc.). Have you ever wondered how to own your own very own 5-digit phone number, useful for text marketing, text-to-win, and text promotions? It also helps you in tracking the effectiveness of your traditional advertising a snap!

The only way to reach the mobile generation is to speak their language! Well, Cellit Mobile Marketing can help you own your 5-digit phone number and help you set up your mobile marketing campaigns with the help of user-friendly, technologically advanced and result-oriented mobile marketing solutions without burning a hole in your pocket!

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