Sunday, April 26, 2009

Royal Challengers: IPL Cheerleaders

IPL Cheerleaders photo
IPL-Cheerleaders, originally uploaded by Celina Gogoi.

Cheerleaders of IPL Twenty 20 team Royal Challengers, Bangalore: the custodians of Indian morality (moral police) had lots of heartburn when the chearleaders of the IPL teams were presented during the IPL Cricket matches in 2008. As the IPL matches are now held in South Africa, I did not find them loudmouthing moral lessons to other Indians in 2009, though the cheerleaders can be a bit more exposing in South Africa. Moreover, as the elections are now being held in India, it seems the moral police is in more profitable pastimes like playing one or two of their tricks to get their godfathers elected to the Indian Parliament.
Cheers! Jai Ho!!

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