Friday, April 17, 2009

Freida Pinto, the world’s most beautiful woman #4

Photo of Freida Pinto
FreidaPinto1, originally uploaded by skelspics.

The “Slumdog Millionaire” star, the 24-year-old Freida Pinto, who was the only Indian to feature in the list of “Most beautiful women in the world” put to online voting by Vanity Fair, polled only 2 percent of the total votes to come at #4. Cate Blanchette and Beyonce Knowles also polled only 2% votes. However, Freida Pinto was voted ahead of celebrity females like the French First Lady and model Carla Bruni, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. Angelina Jolie topped the list at #1 position with a huge margin of votes. Freida Pinto was also ahead of Elle McPherson, Kerry Washington and Kate Moss, who scored only 1% of the total votes. The Indian beauty was a surprise entry in the list which ignored Hollywood superstars like Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman.

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