Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bollywood Actress Jiah Khan on Maxim

Photo of Bollywood Actress Jiah Khan
Actress Jiah Khan Sexy Photo, originally uploaded by mirchiaish.

Jiah Khan does not tolerate nonsense any more, as she quipped, reacting strongly to rumors that she has been dropped by Ken Ghosh from his forthcoming film "Yahoo", and replaced her with actress Genelia D'Souza. Jiah says that she herself walked out of the project. But buzz is going on about the whole incident and Ghosh decided to drop her as she did not like the trial shots he had for the film starring Shahid Kapur, and she used to throw tantrums on the sets. Jiah who had a few shots says, "They are baseless rumors. With the changes they made on the script, I felt that I didn't suit the character. So, the decision was mutual. However, my relationship with UTV remains the same and they have signed me for two of their future films. The rest I leave to God".

On being asked why Jiah Khan was replaced and whether it is true whether she has signed a two-film deal with UTV, Alpana Mishra, COO of UTV, says, "As of now, we would like to maintain a 'no-comments' stand on this. We are going through certain modifications these days. So, we will like to comment later".

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