Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Online DVD Catalog Site

All of us love movies, buy DVDs and have our collections. But proper cataloging is as much important as having a good collection of DVDs to enjoy our DVD libraries and to enhance the collections. Professional quality cataloging calls for the right tools so that it does not end up in a mess. But the free online DVD Catalog site has all that you have been looking for. No matter you are a connoisseur of movies, or want to share with family and friends, their online DVD catalog is ideal for you. helps you organize and display online all your DVD collections in the most efficient and easiest manner. They have a free database, constantly updated site features and tools, and they are user-friendly. If you need anything more, they are open to suggestions and ready to add what you are searching for, in most cases even in 24 hours.

You can use DVD catalog to import movies in the best available formats. Your DVD data is added by them automatically, allow you to track movies that you lend out, and your collection of DVDs in CSV is backed up for you. If you happen to delete any DVDs from your hard drive, or your hard disk crashed, you can still have your movies downloaded, because they permanently back up your files in their server.

The DVD catalog site lists new additions on a weekly base in addition to displaying the previous week’s additions. Also it shows the number of movies in user’s collections and which movie appears in the maximum number of users’ accounts.

Digital downloads is a very attractive feature of this DVD catalog site, and it allows you to view movies that are available for digital downloads. You can avail this facility, even while browsing through titles or while watching movies. You can also buy and rent downloadable movies at the cheapest possible rates. Their DVD catalog blog is highly informative and it gives most of the information that you are looking for, especially as it features articles on lesser-known actors and their roles, coupled with other frequently updated info on movies and DVDs.

As mentioned, DVD catalog is free, and there is absolutely no restriction about the free storage of videos you can use. You are free to collect and upload to their server as many DVDs as you like, or just buy your favorite movies for your collection.


geis said...

Great article! Just for clarity, DVD Corral doesn't store DVDs itself, but if you buy a digital download, Amazon will keep it around permanently for you.

Again, nice write up of a cool site!

Krishna said...

Thanks for the clarification!