Thursday, April 9, 2009

SMS solutions for effective mobile marketing

Mobile marketing using mobile phones has picked up and is growing in leaps and bounds right from the time text messaging or SMS services were made available on cellphones in the beginning of this century. Now it is one of the fastest growing marketing methods. It is partly because it is a means of direct interaction with mobile phone users and the advertisers. And it is mostly spam-free, because ads and marketing campaigns are there on mobile phones because they are user-generated. Additionally, mobile marketing is capable of generating instance customer response resulting in action or sales, or whatever the advertiser is aiming at in his campaign.

For this reason most of the advertisers and marketers are now focusing on Mobile Marketing based on SMS solutions. But the problem is that you need suitable technology, tools and a reliable service provider to send effective campaigns through mobile phones. A reliable company that provides this kind of service and one of the leaders in technology and marketing strategies is Cellit Mobile Marketing.

Cellit Mobile Marketing has many SMS solutions for mobile marketing for the small entrepreneurs who can operate it just like with one click of a mouse, and also, highly sophisticated custom software that are required for international or multinational multibillion-dollar companies. Their Mobile Marketing services and SMS solutions help small businesses and large companies to leverage the power of mobile marketing, especially by text messaging, WAP and voice, via their simple to use web tools. And most importantly, they offer the services at highly affordable prices.

Over the years they have developed state of the art technologies like Cellit Studio, House4Cell, Cellit Alerts, CouponZap and many more highly popular software and tools.

CouponZap, the dynamic system for mobile campaigns for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and similar businesses, is highly useful and available at affordable pricing and low monthly fees. CouponZap enables them to extend their advertising campaigns to mobile phone screens and the results are easily assessable.

House4Cell, their text-for-info real estate system, is one of the best in the market today. It is a user-friendly tool designed specially for real estate agents. When a cellphone user sends texts a short one-word code seen on a real estate sign to a special phone number, that person instantly receives all the required info about the property, including its area, photos, price, etc. Simultaneously, the property agent is notified about the inquiry from the caller including the caller’s cellphone number so that the real estate agent can immediately contact the buyer by cell phone, fax or email and negotiate and close the deal. Click-to-Call, Fax and E-Mail Brochures and Property Mapping are some of the included features in House4cell.

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