Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kavya Madhavan with moringa and more

Kavya Madhavan with moringa and more
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Moringa (Moringakkai in Tamil, Malayalam) belongs to Plantae family Moringaceae. Botanists say Moringa genus has 13 species, from tiny shrubs to massive trees growing in tropical and subtropical regions.

Moringa oleifera is the most common Moringa. The leaves are highly nutritious with a great sprinkling of the mineral iron and amino acids. Moringa leaf also contains 60% protein, 40% more than soy meal. Moringa seeds contain 30% to 50% oil with 65% to 75% oleic acids beneficial for humans. The Moringa stick (fruit) generally known as drumstick is an essential and tasty add-on to South Indian dishes like Sambhar, Aviyal, etc.

Moringa grows even in poor quality soils and in barren places. Moringa holds a big promise as a sustainable crop which can benefit humans and animals nutritionally, economically and as an energy source, as almost all parts of Moringa plant can be used for extraction of biofuels. Some people claim that Moringa leaves and bark have medicinal qualities too.

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