Monday, August 3, 2009

Nitin Reddy to debut in Ram Gopal Varma film Agyaat

Nitin Reddy to debut in Ram Gopal Varma film Agyaat - Movie Poster
Agyaat, originally uploaded by romeoaziz.

Actor Nitin Reddy is to make his Bollywood debut with Ram Gopal Varma's horror film 'Agyaat' expected to be released on August 7, 2009. The 25-year-old made his Kollywood debut in 2002 with the hit Tamil film 'Jayam', followed by popular films like 'Dil' and 'Sye'. Agyaat also stars Priyanka Kothari, Gautam Rode and Rasika Duggal in important roles.

The story of Agyaat is about a film production unit that goes for filming in a jungle and the members of the unit getting killed one by one by a strange, unknown power and those who survived running for their lives. They just cannot understand what is behind the killings, a man or an animal or something else. How the remaining fearful crew members struggle to survive the invisible entity which is stronger, smarter and faster than them and why the strange power is engaged in destroying them - the remaining part of Agyaat is based on all these questions and how the remaining members face it.

The jungle is for real, scary and deadly, the dense Sigiriya jungles of Sri Lanka. The crew of the film in fact had quite a few problems with all kinds of poisonous snakes and insects there.

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swethasprings said...

this agyaath is a boring version of an english documentary the blairwitch project,cant ram gopal varma do something new.Why does he like making a fool of himself,arent the previous flops teaching him a lesson that the crowd is not stupid???